Green roof

What about a lovely picnic, a unique date or a nice jog on the running track? The green roof offers a community garden, exercise zones, a barbecue area, playgrounds, an insect hotel and plenty of greenery.

Green roof events

Exercise zones

Come get in shape at Nivy. The Nivy rooftop offers you several opportunities to exercise, either on outdoor machines or using your own body weight. You can also play ping-pong, practice putting, play chess and do yoga.

Running track

There aren’t many places where you can go for a run in the clouds. But Nivy is one of them. Why? Because our rooftop features a running track that’s more than 500 meters long.

Picnic & Grill

A green lawn with a view and a place to chill - the ideal space for you to enjoy an original picnic or barbecue with your friends and family. Just choose your time slot, book a grill and the feast in the clouds can begin.


Fun times ahead! Trampolines, a slide, water jets and great climbing structures arranged like the solar system await your fun-loving kids.

Community garden

Fruits and vegetables taste better from your own garden! That’s why you can now grow your own at Nivy as part of the community garden project.